Information Security Is Our Passion And Our Life

Our team is comprised of professionals who have made security and risk management their life’s work. This collective experience
lends expertise that can be rivaled by very few in our industry. For nearly 30 years, our team has been combatting cyber-crime and looking for innovative ways to solve problems with huge impact. Members of our team have put their lives on the line, working in national security and teaming up with law enforcement, to make all of us safer. Infosec is, indeed, our passion - but it goes deeper than that - at MSI, infosec is our life.

How Do We See It?

Stuff Our Team Says:
"We care about our client's security and dig deeper to find those flaws."
"Methodology driven engineers begin where automated processes stop."
"We don't exaggerate the risk of low value vulnerabilities so that you feel threatened."
"We don't sell mitigation services, so you can trust what we find - we have nothing to gain from fake findings."
"We aren't good guys during the day and making hacking tools by night. Our ethics set us apart!"
"We bring excellence to your program through customized solutions that are effective in your unique environment."

Want to hear more about our commitment?

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